Hip Helpers® Support Shorts are the answer to excessive hip abduction in babies and toddlers with low muscle tone. They have been found to improve rotational movement and limit "W" sitting in babies who are developing their movement skills.

Hip Helpers® Support Shorts were developed by a physical therapist, in response to therapists’ frustration with the "figure eight" wrap. They were designed for, and tested on, babies from six months to three years old in an early intervention program. They have also been used on older children with very positive results.

Hip Helpers® Support Shorts are available in five standard sizes, as indicated on the Sizing Chart. It is important to measure the child correctly, as illustrated on the Measuring Guide. Therapy providers may purchase Sizing Kits, consisting of one pair in each standard size, to determine whether Hip Helpers work for a child, and the appropriate size for the child. The shorts can be custom-ordered in non-standard dimensions (e.g., 14" waist, 15" hip, 7" length).

Click here for printable brochure in English or click here for brochure in Spanish (PDF format, requires Adobe Reader).

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